Better Off Dead, 1985. An American teen romantic comedy film.  Directed by Savage Steve Holland.  Starring John Cusack, David Ogden Stiers, Diane Franklin, Curtis Armstrong and Amanda Wyss.

The film tells the story of high school student, Lane Myer, who is suicidal after his girlfriend breaks up with him.

The story takes place in the fictional town of Greendale in “the state of Northern California” and centers on high-schooler Lane Myer (Cusack)  whose girlfriend Beth (Wyss) dumps him for the arrogant and bullying captain of the high school ski team, Roy Stalin (Aaron Dozier). Lane cannot get past this rejection and decides that death is the only way out of his misery. His half-hearted attempts at suicide, however, always fail, with comedic consequences.

Lane’s family is odd: his mother, Jenny is a sort of deranged Stepford wife and perhaps the world’s worst cook; his genius little brother, Badger (Scooter Stevens), never speaks but can build lasers and attract trashy women; and his father, Al (Ogeden Stiers) is convinced Lane is using drugs.

As Lane attempts to either end his life or win back his ex-girlfriend, he gradually gets to know a new girl: a French foreign-exchange student named Monique (Diane Franklin). She is staying with Lane’s neighbors (Laura Waterbury and Daniel Schneider) across the street, who are so annoying that she pretends she cannot speak English.

The climactic scene involves a ski competition on a treacherous slope called the K-12. As the two rivals race, Johnny, Lane’s persistent Paperboy pursues him, repeating that he wants two dollars that are owed (spawning the catchphrase, “I want my two dollars!”).

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